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Season Long Problem

        The biggest problem this season is winning from the pole. This is a problem at most tracks and not only the ones I shoot at. Cars are so competitively equal that the handicapping system doesn't work. Years ago, Jerry Fried, would tell his best drivers where they started regardless of points ( Freddy Hamm 13, George Wambold 14, Charlie Gilmore 15)  As I finish my season reviews I will post the results on the respective pages . Don't get me wrong, if a person starts on the pole and doesn't and doesn't allow anyone to pass , They deserve the win.But to many wins are happening like this which means no passing. You can see the results in lower car counts and less spectators. I only know of the problem , I don't know the answer. Maybe Jerry Fried was ahead of his time.

Website will be updated 4 times a week as the shows are completed and the DVD's are done.  

We have been videoing Open Wheel racing since 1986 and are currently the videographer at Kutztown Fairgrounds, Linda's Speedway, Hamlin Speedway, and the Oreville Kart Track on a weekly basis. We also do the Reading Fair and West End Fair 1/4 Midgets on a Yearly Basis. We have in the past videoed at Evergreen Speedway, Mahoning Valley Speedway, Lanco, Keystone Legends and the ARDC Midgets. We also traveled all over the East shooting for Area Auto Racing News. The next 4 pages deal with my present weekly tracks. Contact us at 7567 Trexler Circle, Trexlertown, Pa.18087 or call 610-395-6705. You may e-mail me at A phone call or snail mail is quickest for me. Eventually I will get back to you. This site will be updated weekly as the DVD's are completed. They will be on their respective Track Page.

Attention Please
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4 Shippensburg DVD's                        $25
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Shipping                                                  5.00
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